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Over 200 years of Dickens Bar in Perth

DickensBarPerthPost1901There is evidence of a licensed premises of the current Dickens Bar site in Perth, Scotland as far back as 1805 when a ‘John Menzies’  appeared in a list of renewed licenses as an ‘ale seller’ on land at South Street Port.

The original licensed premises (John Moirs) was known as ‘the tackit box’ probably due to its smallness and shape. The photo showing  John Moirs has in its foreground an image of one of Perthshire’s famous worthies of the 19th century. ‘Blue Caum Kate’ frequented the South Street Port selling her blue pipe clay for colouring hearths and doorsteps.

Dickens Bar Perth Pre1901In 1901 the original building was demolished and the new four story building which still stands today was constructed and open again for business around 1903. The photograph on the left and at the bottom of the page were taken in 1900 reflecting the previous structure. 


The photograph on the right shows the new building completed in 1903 with its distinctive spire. The premises has changed hands and names many times and over the years.

For a long time it was named the ‘Central Bar’ which was popular with the workers in the building trades and a beer or two would be drank on the way home from  a hard days work.


Finally in the 1990s the bar was refurbished and renamed Dickens Bar, its current staff and customers are writing a new chapter in the history of this  proud oldDickens Bar Perth Pre1901 establishment with their emphasis on quality Whisky product range.

Grateful thanks to Photographic Office of Perth Museum & Art Gallery, Perth & Kinross Coucil for providing the historic photographs

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